Gypsy Fortune Teller Makeup by Caroline Healy

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Gypsy Makeup by Caroline Healy

Try this pretty Gypsy fortune teller make-up for something different this Halloween!

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Gypsy Makeup by Caroline Healy
I began by applying a matte mousse foundation to the face with a round sponge and then used a purple eyeshadow on the eyelids, highlighting the brow line with the metallic white powder.

Next I painted a white oval in the centre of the forehead using a number 5 brush and Diamond FX white.


Gypsy Makeup by Caroline Healy
Then using diamond FX black and a number 1 brush, I marked out the design around the 3rd eye.


Gypsy Makeup by Caroline Healy
I continued adding to the design using the same brush with the black paint and then used Diamond FX blue with a number 3 brush to paint inside the 3rd eye.


Gypsy Makeup by Caroline Healy
I shaded around the 3rd eye, using black powder. I then used the black powder under the lash line and around the eye socket. I used silver powder on the brow line to blend with the black powder. I used a black kohl pencil to darken the eyebrows and also on the eyelids.

For the white dots above the brows I used Diamond FX white again with the same round number 5 brush.


Gypsy Makeup by Caroline Healy
I mixed chunky gold and purple glitter with global body gel and then applied it around the eyes, using a spatula.

The lips were painted using diamond FX gold and then I added some chunky gold glitter in the centre. I  also added gems to the design .

I highlighted using diamond FX white and a number 5 brush.
Then added mascara and false lashes to complete the look.


Gypsy Makeup by Caroline Healy
Model: Kate Hole

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it useful! Check out my Instagram page for more ideas. carolines_face_painting

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