Half Face Bride of Frankenstein Makeup by Grimm

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Hello! Here is my half and half makeup tutorial, it is inspired by the bride of Frankenstein. Hope you like it!
Step One:
Apply your foundation shade with your beauty blender or brush to one half of your face.
Step Two:
Draw a line down the center of your face with your black eyeliner pencil or black facepaint, and under your throat.
Step Three:
Apply green facepaint with a wet beauty blender to the right side of your face
Step Four:
Take your dark purple eyeshadow and apply it all of your lid and bottom lid. Next take your black eyeshadow and blend it into the outer counter of your eye and blend the bottom only half way through
Step Five:
Take your detail brush and draw with the red facepaint right overtop to the black the facepaint line to make it look bloody. Then take a dark brown eyeshadow and red eyeshadow and dab it around the cut area at random. Also take an angled brush and fill in your eyebrow
Step Six:
Add whatever extra lines and details you would like! I added lines around the neck and eye area plus the check bone plus the lips! I took the silver metallic paint with a some detail brush and draw over the top of all your cut lines.
Step Seven:
On the right side add your contacts (if you want) also add one fake eyelash band to that same side. On the left side fill in your brow and apply mascara also. Also add gloss to your left lip side.
Finale Step:
Apply small amount of fake blood around the stitch areas as you see fit! Then apply wig and whatever clothing item you would like!
Then you are finished! Thank you for reading my tutorial!


Grimm has always loved the artistic things in life, having a certification from Faces Etc of Mn they have learned to love the makeup field in every way. 

More work by Grimm: 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ghoulfang

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