Half Face Skull

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Spooky Doll Face




1. Make sure to use FDA approved face and body paints. Never use acrylic paints or paints that are not intended for use on the skin.  

2. Use tools that are better quality, especially brushes. It makes a difference! 


Products Used In This Picture:


1.  Starting with the White face paint, and a half of a foam sponge, apply white paint evenly to half of the face.  To activate the facepaint, add a little water, and work into a consistency a little thicker than ink.  

2. Using the round #4, and the light brown face paint start to add in shading. Starting at the forehead, adding curved lines, and softly blend out. Add some lines to the cheeks, and on the nose. Start painting around the mouth too. Paint two straight lines parallel to the mouth, that start to meet by the ear.

3. Next using the black face  and the #4 round brush start to fill in the eye sockets. Draw a line down the middle of the face from the top of the forehead, to the chin. From that line, draw a triangle shape on the nose.  Fill in the lips with black paint.  Now you’ll want to draw the stitches over the mouth. Start by painting a dot between the nose and the lips. Draw another dot directly below the bottom lip. Repeat this along the lips, and follow across the cheeks. 

4. Finishing up with the dark brown face paint,  add additional shading details to the light brown paint, blend well. 

5. Touch up any details that are needed, and you are done!

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