Halloween Pumpkin Mask Face Paint by PTBarpun

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Fast, cute and emotive paint! One of my favorite things about jack o lantern paints is you still have the ability to make awesome facial expressions, and the shapes of your eyes and mouth make your emotions seem more exaggerated!

First use a glue stick and foundation to block out your eyebrows, then taking a small brush use orange paint to make the shape of a pumpkin

Then using black paint on a detail brush, add in the eyes, nose and mouth.

Use light brown paint on an angled brush and lightly add creases and add shading to the upper outer portion.

Use yellow paint to add highlight, then white on a detail brush to outline the pumpkin and add more highlight lines. Make sure to highlight stem as well! Then use brown eyeshadow on an angled brush and add shadow under the mask.

Products used:
Mehron paradise paints in orange
Mehron paradise paints in yellow
Mehron paradise paints in black
Mehron paradise paints in light brown
Mehron paradise paints in white
Brown eyeshadow

PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for Mixer.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PTBarpun/
Instagram: http://Instagram.com/PTBarpun
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Mixer: http://Mixer.com/PTBarpun

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