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Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. ‘Walt Whitman. Hey Everyone theme inspired look is Shadows and just using a few products to accomplish the look. Which is great easy and fast. I did a step by step on my Hand Shadow look. Starblend from Mehron were my go to. 

Products Used 

Makeup Pencil 

Starblend Black 

Starblend Dark Brown 

Starblend White 

Lollipop Swabs 


1. applied an everyday natural makeup application 

2. Simply shine a light above your face. Holding your hand above your face and trace out the out line of your hand. 

3. I traced out the shadow of my hand as if i am blocking the sun away from my eyes and face. Using a Makeup Pencil. so just in case I make a mistake it will be very easy to wipe away and retrace.


4. Taking Starblend mixing Black and Dark Brown and filling in my hand on my face using a lollipop swab. 

5. An off white star blend to apply on the high lights or outside of the hand. as if the sun is beaming on your skin.

6. All done! lift that hand up and give the illusion 


Zuri Fx Johnson, Makeup and Fx Artist, Kids Face painter, Theater Makeup artist.  All levels of makeup she enjoys! Zuri has been a professional makeup artist for nine years. She always wants to enhance your beauty but also turn you into something you couldn't even imagine. 

Thank you for watching and viewing. I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial. More to come

See more of her and ask any questions you like.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5yITqtj0Z6wMFBbw1ELssg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zurifx_2/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ZuriBabyy

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