Harley Quinn Make up Tutorial

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Harley Quinn is a quiet the character!  She is an accomplice to the Joker, and quiet the Jester. She is full of games, tricks, spins and jumps. Her costume reflects colors that are reds, black, white, and diamond patterns.


Mehron White StarBlend Cake
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Azalea
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Amethyst
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Aztec Gold
Wolfe Red Face Paint
Diamond FX Black Face Paint


Ben Nye Angle Contour/Rouge Brush RB-4 (5/8″)
Round Brush #1
Round Brush #3
Powder Puff
Hydra sponge ( cut in half)


1. Starting with the powder puff and the star blend white. Add a soft white hue all over the face by patting all around in circular motions to evenly distribute the power.


2. Using the crimson pressed powder, and the angle brush add color all around the eyes, and across the eyelids. Create angle shapes around the eyes.


3. Now using the hyrda sponge and the red face paint. I’ll want to carefully add the red color by pressing firmly, then lifting. Make sure to align the straight edge of the hydra sponge up to where you want to place the paint.  Use the smaller edge of the sponge to apply to lips.


4. Next, using the angled brush and the yellow pressed powder, add on the top of the lids and the inside of the eyes.

5. Using the small round brush and the purple pressed powder, dip the brush in water and add shadows. Add steaks of color coming from the outer edge of the eye.

6. Outline the lips with the black and the small round brush. Then using the medium round brush, add more red and blend the two colors. Add some purple to the corners.



7. Using the black face paint and the small round brush, add the long shapes around the eyes.  Take your time and start from the inside and carefully work your way out. Add more crimson and blend in around the black.

8. Use eyeliner and Mascara for the inner part of the eyes. Fake eyelashes would look great with this look!


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