Hearts and Web Sugar Skull

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Hearts and Web Sugar Skull


This is a lively twist on the sugar skull with some hearts, webbing and clever accents.


I recommend the Kryolan 12 Color Vivid Aquacolor Face Paint Palette for this design. Specific colors used are:



Always start with a clean face free of oils and dirt. Pull hair back from face and work from top to bottom to avoid smudging your work.

Let’s paint! 

Step 1. The heart: Wet the medium round brush with water and load with red face paint making the heart in the center of your forehead. Outline the heart in white using the medium round brush.

Step 2. Using the heart as the focal point, paint your web using the medium brush and black paint. Start your brush stroke at the heart and paint upward, make the middle line first to help space the other lines of the web.

Step 3. With the same brush and black continue with the cross webbing making downward arched lines connecting to the straight lines.

Step 4. Wet your cosmetic wedge and load it with black paint, now color in the area around the eye including the eyebrow.

Step 5. Outline the black with the teal using the medium round brush.

Step 6. Create the red patterned outline with the medium round brush and red paint.

Step 7. Use the detail brush and black to outline the red pattern.

Step 8. Note how the dots around the eyes are alternated white and black on top and bottom. This is done with the detail brush and black and white face paint.

Step 9.  Paint the nose in black with the medium flat brush.

Step 10. Cheek and jaw scrolls: Use your medium brush and red to create the cheek and jaw designs. Outline in white using the same brush.

Step 11. Add the Teal accents above the mouth with the medium brush and outline in white using the same brush.

Step 12. Use your detail brush and black paint for the mouth to deliver a nice crisp stitch smile.

Step 13. Paint the inverted heart under the lower lip using red paint and your medium brush, outline in white with the same brush.

The addition of silk roses to the hair is an excellent compliment to this fun sugar skull design.

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