Hidden Sadness Half Face Mask by PTBarpun

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We all feel that we have a mask on our faces sometimes. This paint uses mainly eye shadow shading for effect and is extremely responsive to facial expression, you can dramatically (and creepily) display despair and a villainous grin. The reactions I've gotten from this paint in motion have been hilarious and memorable!
I used a foundation base and made some sorta squiggly lines around my nose and mouth to map out our mask.
I used a teal eyeshadow on a powder brush to make a patchy base color. I have found that enhancing your double chin really helps to spot those hard-to-reach spots!
I used a foundation brush to paint our mask white, then light brown eyeshadow on an angled brush to make a mouth, smile lines and small dimples. I also used lavender, grey and brown eyeshadow to make the 'skin' patchier and duller.
I mixed white, red and brown paints together to make a lip color and painted on the lips. I used watered down brown paint on a detail brush to create teeth.
I added a lighter pink to the inside of the lips, a black outline around each tooth, and used grey eye shadow on an angled brush for shading around the mouth.
I very, very lightly used red powder to warm the cheeks and nose of the mask.
Taking grey eye shadow on an angled brush, I lined around the mask. Then I made some crazy faces and filled in the natural lines on my forehead, between my eyebrows and under my eyes. I used a blending brush to darken my eyelids and give myself eye bags. Using a detail brush with watered down brown paint I added fabric folds around the mask.
Finally, using black eye shadow on an angled brush, I added color and shape to my eyebrows to make them more concerned looking. Higher closer to the center, lower toward your ears.
Products Used:
Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette


PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for Mixer.com

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