How to do a Quick and Easy Villain: Silver Banshee

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Silver Banshee is a simple makeup, but a powerful villian

A recent trip to C2E2 gave us some fantastic examples of Face Paint makeup and over the next several weeks we will cover many of them.

Silver Banshee’s ‘Death Wail’ can cause instant death in anyone she knows the identity of. She is a frequent enemy of both Superman and Supergirl.

Silver Banshee is a simple makeup, but a powerful villian

Silver Banshee is a simple makeup, but a powerful villain

The beauty of Silver Banshee is the simplicity of her makeup. And like any comic book character, different artists draw her differently, so you can’t really go wrong.


  1. Pull hair back out of the way
  2. Clean and dry the face
  3. Lay out all of your tools and supplies within easy reach


Mehron Jumbo Pro Pencil Black

Mehron Wedge Cream Makeup Sponge

Graftobian powder puff

Mehron soft brush


Colors Used In this picture:

Graftobian ProPaint Face Paint White

Graftobian ProPaint Face Paint Black

Ben Nye setting powder


  1. Using the white cream makeup and damp sponge, cover the entire face and neck, leave the eye sockets blank for now.
  2. Use the black and a wedge sponge darken in the entire eye socket then extend slightly outside the edges to create skull-like eyes
  3. Using the black pencil draw in the hollows of the cheeks
  4. Create black stitches over the lips.
  5. With powder puff and setting powder pat the area where the pencil was used to set the make up. Dust away extra powder with the soft brush

*You may wish to use a product like Ben Nye LiquiSet spray to seal the makeup and help keep it looking fresh for long periods of time.

You have now created the basic makeup for Silver Banshee. From here the various artists have darkened the nose, added cracks to the skull, or extended the mouth. As long as the skull you create is black and white you have the basics. Now, you just need to compile the outfit. Good luck.


An extremely well done Silver Banshee

 Silver Banshee, Superman and Supergirl are all copyrights of DC Comics.

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