How to Make Bald Caps at Home by PTBarpun

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If you're like me, then it's often difficult to find affordable bald caps that you find easy to apply and in the shape you need. These days I make my own latex caps! They're not too thick, yet don't tear easily, and I let them extend down to my next to cover every bit of hair! Here's how I do it!

Each cap uses approximately 1-2 ounces of liquid latex, and total time per bald cap is approximately 2 hours. Drawing the outline and latex application takes around an hour and a half, powdering and removal about 30 mins. It's time consuming, but this gives me affordable latex bald caps that meet all my needs.

Products used:
Kryolan Bald Cap Mold Block (Red Head)
White Makeup Pencil
Liquid Latex
Makeup Sponges
Mehron Translucent Powder
Large Powder Brush
Small Powder Brush


Here's an image of me with one of my bald caps applied, with the edges blended with latex (eyebrows have been glued and powdered also).
Homemade Bald Cap Applied

How to Make Bald Caps at Home by PTBarpun

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