How to paint a Cyborg Robot face

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Cyborgs are relatively easy once you get started.  You can make it your own, do an arm or a leg even.  The trick to cyborgs is it has a lot of black shapes. Deep shading showing depth.


Mehron Brilliant Silver / Argent Paradise AQ Makeup
Wolfe Red Face Paint
Diamond FX Mint Green Face Paint
Diamond FX Black Face Paint
Wolfe White Face Paint


Round Brush #1
Round Brush #3
Aqualon Filbert Brush #8 (1/4″)
Hydra sponge ( cut in half)


1. Starting with the silver make up, and the hydra sponge, cut in half. Sponge on to the side of the face you want to make a cyborg! Have it go down the neck some as well.


2. Next, using the other side of the hydra sponge, and the black face paint, fill in around the eyes, and over the mouth.



3. Next, using the black paint, and the small round brush, start to outline the design.  Outline teeth, around the eyes, and any gears you want to add.



4.  Using the filbert brush, add white highlights all around. Color in teeth with white.



5. Use the filbert brush to blend and add shading. Blend in the black from the lines, into the silver around it. This will create depth. Go over the black line again with the small round brush to even out. Repeat this process through out the design. You can do the same with the white. Make sure to add black around the teeth to make them defined.



6. Add thin green lines to create the exposed wiring. Add a red wire next to the green. Paint the outside edge of the cyborg with red to make it really scary!




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