How to Paint a Spooky Cracked Porcelain Doll Look

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  1. For the best results wipe area with a baby wipe or with a warm wash cloth to remove any access dirt or build up.
  2. Make sure to have all your supplies, brushes, and references organized in a easy to reach spot.


  1. Use high quality brushes. It makes a difference in results.
  2. Practice on paper first. Sketch out your design, and make sure the portions, sizes, line work, colors and shading is what you are looking for.


Small #0 Round Brush
Medium Filbert

Products used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Wolfe Face Paints Red
Wolfe Skinz Face Paint Palettes


1. First thing is to apply regular makeup. Go ahead and apply foundation and pressed powder. The fantasy make up will apply right on top easily.

2. Next, using the fine #0 brush, start to draw the outline of the shape you want to put on the cheek, using the black face paint. The shape pictured has 7 straight sides, each connecting with varying degrees of bends and angles.

3. Once you are happy with the shape, then you’ll take the filbert brush and the red face paint, and fill in the shape. Make sure to apply evenly. If needed use multiple layers of red to ensure an even application.

4. Next using the same filbert brush, and the black face paint, pick up a tiny bit of black on your brush.   Then dip it directly in the red paint. Mix in to create varying shades of dark red.

5. Take the same brush with the dark red mix, and shade in your design. Let the middle of the shape have the lightest red, while the outer edges have very dark red.  Pick up just straight black paint, and add to the outer corners.

6.Next, making sure to rinse the filbert brush very well, you’ll want to use the wolfe skin pallet colors. Hold up the pallet to the face and find the color that best matches your skin tone, then use the next lightest color. Load your brush with that color, and add a rectangle type shape on two of the edges of your choosing. 7. Next using the next lighter shade up on the pallet, add highlights to the outer edges of the shape.

8. Finally using the #0 brush, add crack marks coming out from the shape. Add very thin lines, that branch out from each other.  You now have a spooky doll appearance! Add more to other parts of the body for a more dramatic effect.

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