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The much darker side of the Gotham City saga will be in theaters soon with the Suicide Squad movie. Jared Leto will be delivering his take on the Joker along with an all new makeup design. Let’s take a look at how you can accomplish this twisted new style of the Joker.


*Mehron Liquid White

*Ben Nye Lumiere Black

*Ben Nye Soleil Red dry powder

*Mehron Nunace Porto Red

*Mehron Smokey Green eyeliner pencil

*Mehron Black eyeliner pencil

*Fluorescent Green Hairspray

*Final Seal


*Rouge brush

*Small applicator brush

*Makeup sponge (cut in half)

Let’s get started.

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Step 1. Using our halved makeup sponge apply liquid white to entire face neck and ears. Allow to dry completely before proceeding.

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Step 2. With the black eye pencil write the word Damaged on the forhead, the letter J on the cheek and hash line above the eye.

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Step 3. Now for the Soleil Red for inner eye and along lower eye lid. Use the small applicator.

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Step 4. Blend in the Lumiere Black and continue outward to the edge of the eyelid. Add a streak of black from each corner of the eye.

IMG_0014 Cropped (1)

Step 5. Use your black eye pencil to detail the bottom eyelid.

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Step 6. The smokey green eye pencil is used to add contour lines at the nose and eye brow area.

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Step 7. With the contour brush apply Lumiere black to cheek line and temple area.

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Step 8. Continue this process along the jaw line and along the throat.

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Step 9. Go back over the face with the white to touch up any areas missed or that were smudged during the makeup application.

IMG_0021 Cropped

Step 10. The small applicator will work great for adding the Porto red to the lips.

IMG_0040 Cropped (1)

Step 11. Carefully shielding the face with your hand, spray the hair with green hairspray. If you over spray onto the face, touch up with the sponge and white makeup.

*If all looks good, set the design with final seal spray.

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You now have a complete makeup that will get you locked up in Arkham Asylum for sure.

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