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Special FX Stacey Perry

We’ve all seen the cool special effects on arms and necks that make the skin appear to be twisted, or even cut off. Well this week we’ll show you how to do a quick knotted arm effect so you can practice this skill. Practice makes perfect, so let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Mehron Black StarBlend Cake Makeup
  2. Mehron Medium Tan StarBlend Cake
  3. Mehron Black Paradise Face Paint
  4. Mehron White Paradise Face Paint
  5. Ben Nye Medium Angle Brush AB-4
  6. Mehron Mark Reid Signature Round Brush #2
  7. Mehron Paradise Petal Tip Brush

The Application:

Special FX Stacey Perry

Begin by loading your Angle Brush with the Black StarBlend and start sketching out the shape of your knot and any other area you want to be included. I chose to use the entire forearm for this effect. You will then add shading by alternating StarBlend Black and Tan still using your angle brush.

Special FX Stacey Perry

Next, load your Petal Brush with Paradise Black and begin filling in the negative space. This will be the space that you do not want to be seen.

Special FX Stacey Perry

Once you have completed filling in the negative space, lightly load your #2 Round brush with Paradise Black and begin adding more detail and shading.

Special FX Stacey Perry

Finally, lightly load your #2 Round Brush with Paradise White and add a few highlights.

Special FX Stacey Perry

The key to these designs is lighting. Using a matte finish paint is important, but without the proper lighting, the effect won’t be as dramatic as it could be. Make sure to take pictures on a background that has the same color as your negative space.

Once you’ve finished, upload it to Instagram and bask in the glory of your new special effect skills. Don’t forget to tag us too, we want to see your work! @HalloweenMakecom

You can also share your look with us on Facebook. Let us know what tutorials you’d like to see us do in the future!

Until next time,

Live, Love, Paint!

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for You can follow her on Instagram @thestah

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