Leopard Eye Design Makeup Tutorial

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Leopard Eye Makeup Tutorial

2nd Tutorial in my animal inspired makeup design, the Leopard. I actually had someone tell me the difference between a cheetah and a leopard which was super informational! a Leopard had open spots while the Cheetah and a patterned solid spot. This is another eye design the mother could get instead of the larger designs that their son or daughter might have. It can also be for everyday where too for the adventurous type!


Items Used:

Starblend Orange

Black Eyeliner

DFX White/ Black & Brown

#2 Brush



1: Load your Orange Starblend on your brush and in a circular motion apply it to your upper lid end in a dull point at your temple ( going up this far is optional of course)

2: Take your black eyeliner and outline your eyes with it.

3: Load your #2 brush with DFX Brown and create ” A-Circles or Almost Circles” meaning that the circle has an opening. You can also make dots as well to add to the empty spaces.

4: Now load your same brush with DFX white and outline the inside of your A-circles and dont be afraid to add some white dots as well.

5/6: Take your Black DFX and load it with the same brush as step 3/4 and outline your brown A-circles , add a couple more dots/spots and you are finished with a very simple and easy design as well as very stylish and appropriate for regular attire.

I would Love to see your version of this design, feel free to share it on facebook( link down below) Thanks for reading!

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