Light Sugar Skull

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Light Sugar Skull

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 This is a nice variation of the traditional sugar skull; detail work applied over your everyday makeup.

Tips: I recommend a light foundation makeup, a subtle blush and lip color like soft pink.

Face Paint colors:


The process: After you apply your foundation, blush and lip color, work form the top of the face down when painting your design to avoid smudging your art.

Step 1. Using the medium round and detail brush paint the half flower on your forehead at the hairline with black face paint.

Step 2. With the yellow face paint and medium flat brush color in the eye socket, keeping below the eyebrow and just above the cheekbone.

Step 3. Create the eyelid accent with a medium round brush and black face paint. Use your detail brush and black on the lower eye.

Step 4. To frame the eye use the detail brush and yellow; make small dots around the yellow eye makeup stopping at the eyebrow on either side.

Step 5. Paint the center portion of the flower petals around your eye with the medium round brush and brown paint.

Step 6. Using orange and your medium round brush paint the outer flower petal.

Step 8. With yellow and the detail brush add in the small detail in between the petals.

Step 9. With brown and your detail brush outline the petals.

Step 10. Paint the nose with a medium flat brush and yellow paint. Use the edge of the flat brush to create the contour on the nose.

Step 11. With the medium round brush and black, paint the lines over the lips. Continue with the lines starting at the corner of the mouth flowing into the cheek details.

Step 12. Use the medium round and detail brushes to paint the black flower on your chin.

Final touch: Add fake lashes over the upper eyelash if desired. Apply adhesive to the bottom edge of the fake lash and press along natural lash line and let dry. Mascara will work if you don’t care for the fake lashes.

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