Little Jack O’ Lantern Tutorial

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This is a fun, simple, and cute jack o’ lantern design for halloween! This look is perfect for any halloween event, as it can be simplified or made more detailed as needed. Half face designs are great because they are very cute and effective, yet they save time and people can feel free to eat without worrying about messing up the paint. Let’s begin!



Step 1: The first step is to create your base colors. You will sponge on the orange all along the upper half of the face. I went from the bottom of my nose to my outer cheekbones to the outer edges of my eyebrows. Also, create the stem with a brush and light brown paint. I started off with a single stroke and just went back and filled my line to make it thicker.

*Tip: I cover my eyebrows using stick glue. This step is unnecessary for events, but eyebrow coverage is great for private events,photos, etc.


Step 2: The next step is to do some basic outlining. Use a thin brush with dark brown paint to create the contours and details of the pumpkin. Remember to make your lines appear as if they were twisting along the bend of the stem.


Step 3: Use a little bit of yellow on a sponge to dab on some highlights in between the columns of your pumpkin. This will add depth and make your design look more visually interesting. If you are doing a simple version of this design for an event, you can leave out this step.


Step 4: This is perhaps the most important step. Use a dark brown or black to create a nose and a smile on your pumpkin. I went for a cute, friendly design. You can most certainly use a scary jack o’ lantern face or other shapes. Be creative! This step is what gives your design some personality. If you are doing this design in a hurry, you can end on this step.


Step 5: If you have the time, I highly recommend adding a few extra details to give your design more of  a “wow” factor. You can add shadows using black Starblends or eyeshadow along the columns of the pumpkin or around the twisted stem. This creates more contrast and more depth. You can also highlight certain parts of the design to add more interest. I used the Wolfe Skinz paint in the color Fair in order to highlight the right side of the design (using a sponge). I also used a thin brush to create highlights within the stem. Finally, you can use green to create thin vines coming from the stem.

Remember to play around and have fun with your designs. Happy painting!

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