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Have you found yourself with a little down time from makeup jobs this winter? This often can be the case just after the holiday season. There is no better time than now to clean out the makeup kit, take a little inventory, restock and even learn some new techniques.

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I find when you work with stage blood and adhesives a great deal, the residue ends up in all kinds of places in your kit and one should take the time to clean that up before it ruins a good brush or other tools in your kit. A good cleaning every few months not only keeps your kit looking good but also keeps down nasty germs. Unless of course you like spreading the zombie virus. Not to mention you tend to organize things as you clean, so keep a not pad handy to write down what items need to be reordered. Speaking of reordering, did you know that we have a sale page full of discounted items? We also run monthly coupons on various products and brands, you will find theses deals on the homepage of our website or click the coupon code link.


Maybe you saw a makeup design on our site earlier in the season but didn’t have time try it then; well you can always go to the blog link and go through the archives to find past designs and product reviews. We also have on line videos to take you through the process of some great makeup application techniques.


Thinking of trying a new line of makeup or switching blood types? Make the most of your slow season and experiment with new products before you put them into use on a job. Also while viewing our tutorials you can see how the products look when applied.


This is also a perfect time to check out stencils, transfers and tattoos, you may find them useful on your next makeup design.

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No matter what style of makeup design you are creating, we hope you find exactly what you need here at Halloween

Have fun and take in some new ideas while browsing our website.

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