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The new movie Maleficent has given a whole new meaning to evil witches and to their side. It was fulfilling to know that all the evil witches aren’t that evil at all and that the people you thought were good, were not so good after all. This was an inspirational makeup tutorial I got just from watching the show and how her magic had a “twist and twirl” to it. I hope you enjoy, This is great for another everyday look if you are adventurous!

Items Used:

Starblend Black

DFX Black

#2 Brush

Black Eyeliner

Black Glitter

Tag Teal Pearl

BAM Stencil



1: With a brush load up your black starblend and begin to outline your eye, getting the bridge of your nose to underneath your eyebrow. Don’t forget to keep the shape of the curved eyebrow(if you have a curve)

2: ad your eye liner, and with your brush load your Teal blue and get the corner of the eye and make an arrow shape.

3: With your BAM stencil place it on the upper corner of your eyelid and with a sponge loaded with DFX Black dab onto the desired place where the stencil is. (optional of course but before the dfx black I took a little dab of the teal blue and put it in the background for more color and pop.

4: With your #2 brush load it with your DFX Black and start to create your own little swirls and curls ( this is the most fun of the tutorial, I think anyway haha!) Because it creates your own unique taste! (at this stage you may also want to darken your eyebrow)

5/6: with your #2 brush load it with some of your teal blue and repeat step 4 with the swirls and curls! You can also bring down the black starblend almost to the bridge of your nose for a deep effect of your eye.

7: ( This is totally optional) I decided to add a little glitter to my eyelid, just for an added effect.

8: and your done! You can always substitute your favorite color for the teal blue! This can be an everyday wear as it’s a statement piece but not overwhelming, it’s cute and evil all in one!

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