Mardi Gras Mask with Bling by Caroline Healy

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Mardi Gras Mask by Caroline Healy

Try this colourful mask, perfect for Mardi Gras or any festival. Add bling to really stand out from the crowd!

Products used:
Global Colours Borneo One-Stroke
Global Colours Deep Magenta
Diamond FX White
Elisa Griffith Powders Neon Pink And White
Black Eye Liner Pencil
Black Mascara

Tools & Accessories

3/4 Short Angled Flat Brush
Paint Pal Tear Drop Brush
Body Glue
Bling By Acacia Tanner
Loew-Cornell Gold Grip #3 Round Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Paint Pal Swirl #1 Brush
Flower Crown by Andrea Mike (Creative Faces)

Bling Mardi Gras Mask by Caroline Step 1
I began by loading a 3/4 short angled flat brush with the green one stroke (Borneo), starting in the centre of my forehead and working my way out.


Bling Mardi Gras Mask by Caroline Step 2
At the corner of each eye I added 3 teardrops and then swept along my cheekbones coming in towards my nose.

Bling Mardi Gras Mask by Caroline Step 3 Using the Paint Pal teardrop brush and deep magenta facepaint I began to 'build' the mask with teardrops and swirls.

Bling Mardi Gras Mask by Caroline Step 4
I added bling by Acacia Tanner to the centre of the mask, fixing with body glue.


Bling Mardi Gras Mask by Caroline Step 5
For the lips I used Deep magenta and the same teardrop brush as before. I then continued to add more teardrops.


Bling Mardi Gras Mask by Caroline Step 6
Next I changed brushes to the Loew-Cornell number 3 round brush and loaded it with Diamond FX white, I then added more teardrops and dots to fill any gaps.


Bling Mardi Gras Mask by Caroline
Finally I added eyeshadow, using Neon pink on my eyelids and white powder the highlight the below the brows.

As you can see I also decided to paint over the white dots I had previously painted on my lips.

I then added black eyeliner and mascara.

My flower crown was the perfect accessory for this mask, this was made by Andrea Moje from creative faces.


I hope you found this blog useful,  follow me on Instagram carolines_face_painting for more of my work and stay tuned for more of my blogs!


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