Masquerade Mask and General Eye Design Tutorial

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Masquerade Mask and Eye Design Makeup

This is a Two in One tutorial special since you kind of need the first tutorial for the second although the color I chose is totally optional can be any color you’d like. This is a great design for any masquerade ball, Halloween or any kind of crazy party just for fun! the first tutorial can be for everyday wear of course, but for the adventurous people the second tutorial is more your style.

Items Used:

Mehron StarBlend Purple, White and Black

Black Eyeliner

White Glitter and False Eyelashes (optional)

Small Flat Brush

Medium Filbert Brush




Step 1: With your fancy filbert style makeup brush load your Starblend White and in circular motions apply it to the corner of your eye working up into your brow.

2: Now load your filbert style brush with Starblend Purple and again in cicular motions apply it and blend with your white, ( my eye lids did not want to work with me in blending in some spots) if it doesn’t not want to blend for you with the brush you can also ad a little bit to your finger and blend that way as well.

3: With your Black Eyeliner outline your eyelids ( if you have a tear duct eyeliner you can use that as well but do not advise using a regular eyeliner for the inside tear duct lines)

4: Now with your filbert brush or an angled brush load it with your Starblend black and from the corner of your eyelid make an extended line outward almost like your flicking it towards your temple.

5: Add your False eyelashes, make sure you trim them to fit your eyelid as some might be bigger than others and might feel a bit uncomfortable if not cut (these are also optional as some do not like false eyelashes or just have great eyelashes to begin with).

6: Add some Glitter and you are finished! Now this can be an everyday look with some sparkles or we can move along to the masquerade tutorial!

Items Used for Masquerade Tutorial:

Diamond FX Metallic White & Baby Blue

Diamond FX Purple And Black

#2 & #4 Round Brushes

BAM Stencil 2005 Swirls and Dots

Poofable Glitter - White (optional)



1: With your Metallic white from DFX load your sponge with it and proceed to cover just above your eyebrow line to the cheek bone and end in a point at your temples.

2/3: With your BAM stencil Angle it towards the corner of your eye, and only dab from the cheek to the temple. #3 shows an example. Now if it doesn’t look perfect do not fret as it’s okay to look different and unique! You can even choose a totally different stencil to use and still have it look pretty much the same.

4: Now with your #4 brush load it with DFX Purple and make a line at the ending of your metallic white. This will make for a string for your mask. You can also make a bow that is shown in picture 5.

5: with your #2 brush load it with DFX black and make dotted lines for a cute lace like effect.

You are finished! very basic and easy and great for when your on the go! Feel free to mix up the colors for the special occasion as well as a different stencil as the stencil I used comes with multiple stencils in one!

I would LOVE to see your versions of this tutorial, you can post them below or on our facebook page which is link down below!

Thank you for reading and looking feel free to like us on Facebook and pin us on Pinterest!!

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