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Mehron has been on the scene for over 85 years and continues to stay a forerunner in the makeup business, which is why we are proud to be a distributor of Mehron products.

A new item we have in stock is the Merhon eye liner pencils which are different than the slim Pro Pencils. These eye liner pencils are designed to be used in multiple ways; eyebrow enhancement, eye liner and adding detail to your eye designs. In working with this product the quality was up to par with the Mehron name. The pencils sharpened well the first time out, held a nice point and were right in the sweet spot of being firm yet applying smoothly. They dark brown was easy to apply over the eye brow with virtually no clumping, and the smokey green went on great as an eyeliner, also simple to use for detailing.

The sample photos will let you see the process; Orange, Green and Silver from the Paradise Brilliant palette by Mehron is what we turned to for eye shadow. This is one of my favorite palettes for eye work as they have a shimmer.

No makeup.

No makeup.

Eye brow with Dark brown pencil.

Eye brow with dark brown pencil.

Shadow colors applied.

Shadow colors applied.

Eyeliner and detail lines with smokey green.

Eyeliner and detail lines with smokey green.

These pencils delivered the claims promised by the manufacturer and will certainly find a home in my makeup kit. Currently colors available are black, chocolate, dark brown, smokey green and true blue.

As always we hope our reviews help you in your purchase decisions.

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