Video: Mid-Transformation Werewolf by PTBarpun

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Is she crying because she's turning into a monster? Or because a great makeup look is TOTALLY REKT?!  If you don't want to slap on prosthetics and want to still whip out the mascara and lipstick this look is for you!

Products used:

Skin Illustrator Flesh Tone Palette (sub Paradise Red & Brown)
Brown Eyebrow Pencil
Foundation in your skin tone
Pressed Powder Shadow Dark Blue
Black Mascara
White Eye Liner Pencil
Paradise Pro Black
Paradise Pro Dark Brown
Paradise Pro Brilliant Gold Dore
Brown Eyeshadow
Black Eyeliner Pencil
Paradise Light Brown
Paradise Red (for outline and red flecks)


Non Toxic Glue Stick and eyebrow brush
Instamorph thermoplastic
Small Powder Brush
Small Flat Brush
Medium Flat Brush
Pros-Aide Adhesive
Jumbo Cotton Balls
Texture Brush (sub Aqualon Wisp Brush)


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