Mirrors: Colorful Rorschach Inkblot Body Paint by PTBarpun

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Often when you see Rorschach paints they're the typical black and white, I thought I'd give this more colorful (and according to Rorschach himself, more telling) inkblots a try instead! 

1. For my base I always like using a fluffy brush for even coverage. I then used a makeup sponge and picked parts off the end to make it uneven, I then used a vibrant pink and applied it to my cheeks using the sponge.

2.I repeated this process but this time with a blue.

3. I then got a piece of paper, loaded up a brush with paint, and then squeezed the brush over the paper to make a small puddle. I folded the paper in half, unfolded and then pressed the paper against my skin for an easy symmetrical and dramatic result. I repeated this with more colors using real inkblots as reference photos.

4. Repeat until you have the proper amount of vibrant chaos in your design!

Products Used:

Mehron paradise paints 30 color palette palette
Makeup sponges
Pieces of Paper
Fluffy Brush

PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for Mixer.com

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