Monster Skull Illusion by Cedoviste

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When it comes to any kind of facepaint skulls are an absolute classic. And that is for a reason, there are countless ideas and ways to paint a skull and still, they will look good every time. This look that I did is actually inspired by art done by Paul Jackson. You can find him at @pauljacksonlives, he is truly amazing. 

I always use a reference photo of a skull when I paint them skulls. You can find a lot of them on Google. 

First, do a sketch! Use any kind of makeup pencil and line out a skull. It may look easy but this is actually the hardest part. This is my fifth and final attempt so don't worry if it isn't looking good at first. You should always keep one same position since if you move head up or down your illusion will look distorted. 

I have also added outlines off some skin stripes that are connected to the skull but you can skip this step for now since you it is easier to paint skull first.

Use Mehron White Paradise Face Paint and PartyXplosion Black Aqua Face Paint and do the base for details on the skull. Those are only two paints that you will need.

Let's talk about adding details. The only important thing is to look at the reference photo and try to copy it as good as you can. First, do the darkest parts of the skull using black eyeshadow. Then outline tooths with PartyXplosion Black Aqua Face Paint using Mehron Stageline Fine Point Brush (1/16"), and with Mehron Paradise Flat Versatile Brush (1/8") do shadows on them and around them in dark grey color that you will get by mixing these two colors.

With PartyXplosion Black Aqua Face Paint and Mehron Stageline Fine Point Brush (1/16") add those thin lines and dots that you can see on your reference photo. 

Here I basically wiped off paint in places that I want these skin lines to be.

I painted skin stripes with foundation and outlined them using Mehron Stageline Fine Point Brush (1/16").

Add some lashes for the extra glam and you are done! Strike a pose!

I hope you like this. 

Product list:

Mehron White Paradise Face Paint

PartyXplosion Black Aqua Face Paint

Grey and Black Eyeshadow


Mehron Paradise Flat Versatile Brush (1/8")

Mehron Stageline Fine Point Brush (1/16")


If you try out this technique I would like to see it. You can find me on Instagram as @cedoviste.

Love, Ana.

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