Moon Fairy Mask Make Up

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moon fairy

Here is an easy Moon Goddess Make up Design.


Mehron Paradise AQ Brilliant Silver / Argent
Wolfe White Face Paint or DFX White
TAG Light Blue Face Paint
TAG Purple Face Paint


Round Brush #1
Round Brush #3


1. Starting with the medium round brush and the silver face paint, place a moon shape in the middle of the forehead where you want to start the design.


2. Next, paint two smaller moons on each side. One wanning and one waxing.


3. Using the purple. Add dots to the design. Make the dots smaller as they get further from the design.


4. Using the medium round brush, add light blue swirls on the inner and outer corners of the eyes.


5. Finally, using the small round brush, outline the design in a thin line of white.  Now you are ready to share the moon magic with the world!

moon fairy

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