Morticia Addams Make-up Tutorial by Caroline Healy

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Beautiful, elegant and the real head of the Addams family, Morticia is an easy, impressive makeup look you can try by following these steps.

Products used:

Flat Brush Number 2
Paradise Petal Tip Brush 818
Blusher Brush
Lipstick Brush
False Lashes And Glue
Glue Stick
Neutral Setting Powder
Diamond FX White
Teardrop Sponge
Black Liner Pencil
Elisa Griffiths Powders in Black, White And Silver
Red Lipstick

Morticia by Caroline Healy Step 1-2
I began by trimming the lashes to size and applying them to my eyelids.

Next I used a non toxic glue stick to block out the outer corners of my brows. I then covered the glue with a transparent powder.

Morticia by Caroline Healy Step 3-4
I then sponged on a white base of diamond FX paint to my face, neck and chest.

Using a black Kohl pencil, I changed the shape of my brows.


I used the paradise brush to apply the eyeshadow starting with the black powder around the socket and coming out to the edges of the brows. I highlighted the lids and below the brow using the white powder and then blended using the silver powder.


Using the black powder again I shaded down the sides of my nose and below the cheekbones.

To finish the look I used a red lipstick and then used the black kohl pencil above and below the lids. Then lots of mascara.

Morticia Addams Make-up Tutorial by Caroline Healy
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