New Face paints by Kryvaline.

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Kryvaline samples.

Kryvaline samples.

If you are new to the world of face and body paint you may be surprised at the number of vendors and types of paints available; but when searching for just the right shade or style of makeup that really will bring your design to life you want a big selection. This is why we have a continuously growing product line so that we can help be a part of your creative process. Recently we found a line from Canada called Kryvaline.

Facts: This brand is FDA and EU compliant, vegan friendly and is not tested on animals. This paraffin wax and glycerin based makeup also is free of sulfates, perfumes and other drying agents that may be harmful to skin. This is really good news for people with sensitive skin.

We have some samples of how the makeup appears on the skin.


12 color palette.

The 12 color palette gives you a great assortment of colors to create a variety of makeup designs.

Small split cake.

Small split cake.

Split cakes allow you to paint a ribbon of colors all with one stroke, hydra sponges work well for creating this effect.

Large split cake.

Large split cake.

Large split cakes add a couple of more colors to the mix and can be an easy way to paint a rainbow.

One of the nice things of most face paints is the easy application with just a little water on your brush or sponge and the no fuss clean up which is typically a wet wipe or soap and water.

Kryvaline is keeping up with their competitors like Wolfe and Ben Nye with rich colors and deep pigmentation to their paints. The kits I have tested also come in very sturdy cases which keep the paint cakes from getting damaged. So if you decide to give Kryvaline a try I’m sure you will be very pleased.

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