Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Eye Design

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Nightmare Before Christmas Eye Design

This Tutorial came to me because I LOVE Nightmare before Christmas but because it’s both my favorite seasons into one. It’s cute for any party occasion and for the very brave an everyday wear!

Items Needed/Used:

Mehron Starblend Black and White

Diamond FX Black, White and Yellow

Round Brushes #2 and #4

Eyeliner (optional)



1: Add your Starblend white to a brush and blend it in with your eyelid.

2: Now take your Starblend Black and your angled brush and another brush handle, place the handle from the corner of your eye up and trace that line your making with the angled brush, for a more detailed look into this technique you can visit my other tutorial Here!

3: Take your #2 or #4 brush and load it with DFX Black, from the corner of your eye create a loop and curl under, then from the line you outlined follow that upwards and end with a point. Color in like so.

4: Now with your #2 brush Load your white and create highlights on your hill. Next Load your DFX yellow and repeat the highlight process as well as make a circle in the semi middle of your eye lid for the giant moon! Highlight that as well with your DFX white.

5: Grab your #2 brush and load it with DFX black again, and now make your Jack! Pretend like you are drawing a tall R and to arms to the right of the R and then at the beginning of the loop on the are on the left make a J type of a curve. and you have made jack! Don't forget to add some snowflakes for effect! those are totally optional as well!.

And you are finished! feel free to add your own unique mix to it as well.

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