Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington by Zuri FX

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The Nightmare before Christmas is an original classic fantasy movie. Very inspirational in art, movies, and personality. Here is step by step face and body paint of Jack Skellington. I wanted to go big with my paint and super awesome because I only used two colors: black and white. 

Products Used:

Black Face Paint 
White Face Paint
Black Starblend 

Makeup Sponge 
Flat Brush 
Detail Brush 

Step 1

I applied white face paint first using a flat brush. Then a second layer using a sponge making dabbing motions. Try to make the face as round as possible. 

Step 2

Went down to the chest area and painted his suit. Using the same method and also using the white face paint. 

Step 3

I added black face paint around my head and on my eyes. Make sure you slim down your neck as well, to give that skeleton illusion.

Step 4

Drawing out Jacks suit, I went with swirls of white. Then I colored the whole chest area with black face paint with a flat and round brush. 

Step 5

I also added more detail to the face, using a small round brush to get the right detail of Jack's face.

Step 6

Lastly, I finished with a little detail inside his shirt on my chest area. 

Jack Skellington Halloween Makeup


Zuri Fx Johnson, Makeup and Fx Artist, Kids Face painter, Theater Makeup artist.  All levels of makeup she enjoys! Zuri has been a professional makeup artist for ten years. She always wants to enhance your beauty but also turn you into something you couldn't even imagine.

Thank you for watching and viewing. I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial. More to come

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