Not so Festive Pumpkin

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For this Pumpkin Cheek art, You will need the following products-


1.Diamond FX White

2.Snazaroo Black

3.Snazaroo Bright Red

4.Snazaroo Dark Brown

5.Snazaroo Orange

6.Snazaroo Bright Green


1.Majestic Round Brush-#3

2.Aqualon Brush-#1


Start off by loading your #3 brush with orange, and paint on an oval and
then fill it in.



Switch to black paint after rinsing your brush, continuing in #1.
Paint on an outline for the oval ( this doest have to be a full outline, you can leave spaces in between as we are only trying to give it more definition ). Now paint on two diagonal steep lines for the eyes and then paint on tiny wiggly triangles emerging from the bottom of that line going downwards. This can be messy as we are trying to achieve scary carved pumpkin eyes. Repeat the same technique for the smile by first drawing a nice flat “U” shape and then painting on uneven triangles up and upside down randomly on the base line.
Now add some more definition by painting on thin black curves on the pumpkin starting from the top midpoint and branching outwards. Repeat the same for the bottom but add more thin curves to indicate a shadow from the resting pumpkin.
Switch to your #3 brush and load it with red, add highlights in between the curves on the pumpkin body.



Using your #1 brush, load it with black and paint on branched out stems ( similar to a pineapple top ), making sure not to fill in. Now add another flat U right beneath the smile created. This can be a bit thick and uneven.



Using your #1 brush, load it with bright green and fill in the stems.
Rinse, dry and load the same brush with yellow and add highlights right in the centre of the pumpkin’s face. Paint on vertical stripes and blend it with your finger. Repeat this for the entire centre horizontal area.



Now load your #1 brush with white paint, and add highlights to the top defined black lines branching out from the midpoint, beneath the eyes and outline the bottom flat “U” curve. Do this very carefully making sure all your lines are extremely thin.Finally, add a few more highlights by painting on tiny white highlights around the bottom and centre stripes of the pumpkin.


Happy Painting !:)

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