Oni Mask Inspired Demon Makeup by PTBarpun

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Hi friends! The Japanese Oni was the inspiration for this easy 3-color demon face paint design. These imposing ogres feature fangs and horns growing from their heads and are typically red, blue or green.


Start out potato mode (aka foundation base) and doodle with an eyeliner pencil on your face. Make a kinda fat banana shape on your mouth, then four bananas facing different directions for the teeth - center bananas facing away from your center, outer bananas facing towards from your center. Triangles on your forehead!


Mix white paint with a little brown and fill your teeth and horns. Use a detail brush and add tiny teeth in the middle of your big banana teeth.


Now bring out your vibrant bananas by outlining them in black!


Draw circles on your eyelids with eyeliner, then paint everything around your horns and bananas red!


Paint white onto the circles on your eyelids, followed by a smaller circle of red, followed by black.


Use a detail brush and put 3 parenthesis marks on either side of your mouth to illustrate skin folks. Make an angry face and fill in some lines your face naturally makes. Mix a little white into your red paint and lightly paint the lighter red in between your black lines to show raised skin in between the 'skin folds'

Using a little brown mixed with white paint, paint on the 'underside' of the horns and bananas for some shadow.


Add tiny dots of white to your eyes for a shine, small stripes of white to the 'tops' of your horns and teeth for highlighting.

Then take some grey eyeshadow on an angled brush and add shading to your horns and teeth on to your 'skin'



Now enjoy making faces and seriously weirding people out!


Supplies used:

Mehron Paradise Paints

Grey eyeshadow - Too Faced matte eye (Amazon) 

Tag #4 Filbert brush

Fine detail brush

Art Factory studio angled brush


PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for Mixer.com

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