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Painted Masquerade Mask

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 This beautiful hand painted mask is a brilliant idea for a masquerade ball.




*This mask will be painted over your foundation make up of choice, apply lipstick after the paint is finished to avoid accidental smudging.

Method: After you have applied your base makeup to your satisfaction begin the mask design.

Step 1. With the makeup wedge apply a gentle coat of the white around eye sockets and forehead line.

Step 2. Starting at the top of the face, draw the pattern of the mask with the eyeliner pencil. The lighter color will make it easier to clean off any mistakes.

Step 3. Make sure that you keep the face paint thick, do not use too much water; we want a very opaque paint to cover the eyeliner sketch.

Step 4. With the medium round brush and black face paint begin at the top of the face working down and fill in the design.

Step 5. Paint the thickest lines first as the details are easier to smudge.

Step 6. With your detail brush and black paint begin your detail work. Don’t be afraid to add extra detail lines that you may not have drawn with the eyeliner.

Step 7. Use the medium flat brush for the eyelids. Use the edge of the brush to create the curved contour line, fill in the eyelid with the flat side of the brush.

Step 8. Due to the fine detail work I would recommend using a Final Seal product.

Step 9. Add on your face gems. Self-adhesive gems are easy as they just peel and stick. Gems requiring adhesive paint a small dot on the area of the skin where you want the gem; let it dry tacky and place on the gem and press slightly.

 Finishing touches: Now that your mask design is complete apply mascara and lip color of your choice.

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