Patchwork Doll Face How to

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Patchwork Doll Face

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1. Make sure to use FDA approved face and body paints. Never use acrylic paints or paints that are not intended for use on the skin.  

2. Use tools that are better quality, especially brushes. It makes a difference! 


Products Used In This Picture:


1.  Using your #4 round brush and the black face paint, begin mapping out triangles across the face. Starting by painting a triangle around the eye. Then trace around the eyebrows and the eye to create the patchwork eye shapes. Leave one eye unpainted, as well as the nose and lips. Go all the way back to the ears and across the chin line, painting triangle shapes.

2. Taking your #6 filbert or square brush, start to fill in solid colors in the triangles and eye patch shapes with the yellow, blue, white and red face paints. Vary the colors by making sure to do a different color for each triangle and the triangle that is next to it, and share boarders.  

3.  Now you’ll want to add shapes and designs to each triangle using different methods.

4.  Using a body art stencil, and a half of a high density make up sponge,  you’ll want to stencil on designs Hold up your stencil to the face, and using your make up sponge,  dab the sponge over the stencil. Do this a few times to make sure the design will show. Do this to a few triangles, leaving some triangles  to fill using other methods. 

5. Next using the #6 filbert or square brush, choose a triangle to fill in vertical stripes.  Use the different brushes to creates various hand painted shapes, you can make poke-a-dots, flowers, paisleys, or anything you would like.

6. Finish the design by taking your round brush and the black face paint and, go over the outlines for the triangle shapes. Then making a series of small nicks, and X’s, create the stitching for the patches across the black lines.

7. Don’t forget to  paint the lips red.

Now you or your friend is a patchwork doll!  Use a wig or a temporary hair dye to complete the look.

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