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Products of Dr. Gerehaken’s Laboratory.

The Steampunk culture has been around for some years now but more recently it is steadily making it’s way into mainstream society and fashion. Recently I accompanied a friend to a Steampunk vendor show where she had a booth to sell her wares. The two of us adorned in Victorian fashion set out for an adventure that proved to be an exciting day.

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A renovated railroad freight house was the location, a perfect setting for such a venue. The room was filled with merchants and guests alike wearing creative costumes varying in styles from pirate to airship captain. The booths were filled with leather goods, jewelry, clothing, gadgets and even a tea vendor; reminiscent of a traders market from days gone by. While at the event I was able to chat with most of the vendors, a few of which agreed to let me share with our readers photos of their goods and answer some questions about their craft.

Dr. Gerehaken and his assistant Lilian

Above we see Dr. Gerehaken and his assistant Lillian displaying some of the products for sale. Here is what we learned about his craft.

Q: How long have you worked with leather?

A: I made my first suit of leather armor back around 1991 but I believe the first time I set up to sell at an event was 1995. I then spent 3 years apprenticed to a sword maker before returning to full time leather-work.

Q: Tell us a little about the tools used to make your art.

A: I take great pride in using simple hand tools, no laser cutters or other high-tech computer controlled machines in my shop. Aside from a few drilled holes or sanded edges, it’s all elbow-grease.


Q: You mentioned your back ground in medieval or renaissance goods, how did the transition to Steampunk come about?

A: I guess I’d have to thank G. W. Bush… Sorry to get political but it’s how I got here.

See, when these two towers fell on the Land of Make-believe and a lot of us simple artisans went broke while Humpty Dumpty sent all his horses off to war. The renaissance festivals could no longer support me so eventually I just became a crazy hermit. One day I did a Google search and discovered that Steampunk was actually a thing…

“Really, I’ve always like that genre.” I then made my first creation and realized I didn’t have to make the same sword-belt and pair of bracers over and over. The creativity of Steampunk is so much more rewarding.


More pieces from his collection, note the glowing crystal.



You can follow the links above to see more of Dr. Gerehaken’s work.

Nicole of Halo Noir

Nicole of Halo Noir

Next we have a vendor with a more mystical flare to her wares with horned head pieces, feather fascinators and leather roses in her collection. Nicole shares; ” I love to make things, but if I kept everything I made there would be no room in my house to live.”  So it’s fantastic to have a self sustaining hobby that enables me to create, and it’s the greatest thing to see other people enjoy the things that I’ve made.

Nicole shares with us some of her creative process and background.

I always loved dressing up in unusual outfits, in High school I was a Goth and after graduating was heavily into Cosplay, also a regular at the Renaissance Festival for over 20 years. In 2010 I went to the first World Steam Expo in Michigan to see what it was all about. By the end of the first day I knew I would be back. I love belonging to such a diverse community of creators!

Let’s take a look at the creative works of Halo Noir.

Feather Fascinators.

Feather Fascinators.


Up-cycled roses.

Up-cycled roses.

Up cycling is when an old, discarded item is re tooled and given new life. One example are these leather roses, Nicole shared, were once leather coats.

My horns I stumbled onto by accident, I made myself a pair for the Renaissance Festival and received so many complements and people asked where they could purchase their own pair. After debuting the horns at a this very event, I have decided to make them my main focus, as they got 99% of the attention out of everything sold at the booth. The next step would be to make the horns myself from scratch as I am at the mercy of supply and pricing of the shops where I purchase them.

If you want more information about Halo Noir please follow the links below.



Airship Captain

Airship Captain

The captain has docked the airship and commanded all passengers to disembark, so I must bring this blog entry to a close. Safe travels until we meet again in the Aether.

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