Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline

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F1 Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline

Try this pretty half skull pirate makeup, mate. This sexy, scary look is perfect for any costume party!

Product list:

Diamond FX White
Diamond FX Black
Eliza Griffith Color Me Pro Palette colours used
    Black Shimmer Powder
    Light Grey Shimmer Powder (sub Silver)
    White Shimmer Powder
Mehron Bruise Wheel
Mehron Kohl Black Pencil
Black Mascara
Loew-Cornell Number 1 Round Brush
Loew-Cornell Number 3 Round Brush
Loew-Cornell Number 5 Round Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Superstar Round Eco Sponges
Mehron Spirit Gum
FX Wax
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


1 Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline
I began by applying a white base of facepaint, on a round sponge to the side of the face.


2 Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline
I then used a cotton bud to paint a line of spirit gum down the centre of the face, avoiding the eyes and eyebrows!

Next I rolled very thin strips of FX wax and fixed them to the spirit gum, allowing time for it to dry. To make it easier to blend, I applied a layer of Vaseline over the wax using a cotton bud and then moulded using a spatula.

Once I was satisfied with the blending of the wax, I sponged the other side of the face and the wax using a matte mousse foundation.


3  Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline
Using Diamond FX black and a round sponge I darkened the eye, nose, and temple area. I then used a number 1 brush to outline and paint the cheekbones.


4 Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline

I then shaded with a eyeshadow brush and black shimmer powder by Eliza Griffith.

I also used the black shimmer powder on the other eyelid and then blended out using a light grey shimmer, highlighting the brow bone with a white shimmer powder.

Next I used a black pencil above and below the eye and darkened the eyebrow, also adding mascara.


5 Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline
To make the edges of the skin look sore and more realistic I used the red from my Mehron bruise wheel and a number 3 brush.

I painted the teeth using Diamond FX white and a number 5 brush.

Finally I outlined the teeth and painted the cracks around the eyes using Diamond FX black and a number 1 brush.

F2 Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline

F2 Pirate SFX Make-up by Caroline

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