Pirate Skull Face

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Pirate Skull Face

This Pirate Skull is great for beginner face painters and sure to be sported by teenagers !

For this Pirate Skull face, you will need the following products:

Diamond FX White
Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX Yellow
Diamond FX Dark Brown

Majestic Round Brush #3
Majestic Round Brush #1

Pirate Eye Patch ( This is optional )

Pirate Skull Face 1
Taking your #3 round brush, load it with Diamond FX white and paint an outline of the skull face extending the lines till the chin. Ensure that they curve in and then paint another curve again (something like two “Cs” shape on either sides of the face).

Then, paint an outline of the eye socket on the right eye by extending your stoke till the outer corner of the eye lid (Dd not complete the circle). We are leaving out the left eye socket as we have an eye patch to use as accessory. If you do not have this eye patch, you can repeat the same steps for the eye socket on the right, on the left.

Paint on two uneven triangles on the nose extending till the bottom and then finally outline the hollow skull mouth by painting two curved lines right around your actual lips, and join them to the outer outline of the skull face by painting two lines again.

Pirate Skull Face 2
Now continuing with your #3 brush, fill in the skull face with white, leaving out the eye sockets, the nose triangles and the mouth area.

Pirate Skull Face 3
Continue with your #3 brush, but this time load it with yellow paint, and paint on teeth (the upper teeth set on your actual upper lip and the lower teeth set on your lower lip). Ensure these are painted as pointy on the top and gradually wider at the bottom.

Pirate Skull Face 4
Now take your round #1 brush and load it with dark brown, and outline each tooth, making sure to shade it inside so that it blends with the yellow. You can also add a few small brown lines inside the tooth to further highlight it.

Pirate Skull Face 5
Stick to your #1 brush and this time load it with black. Fill in the nose, and outline the skull mouth area by tracing the line from the outer edge of the skull to the tip of the nose (diagonally) and repeat for the bottom as well.

Pirate Skull Face 6
Now switch to your #3 brush and continuing in black, fill in the right eye socket (only till the eyelid), and fill in the hollow mouth area as well.

Continuing with the #3 brush, paint swirly lines coming out of the eye socket, one in an upward direction to indicate an angry skull look, and a few others to highlight the overall look.

Pirate Skull Face 7
Now switch to your #1 brush and continue in black by painting a few swirls and lines below the eye socket. Add a squiggly line above the right eye socket and also paint a swirl at the tip of the chin. Now continue with #1, load your brush with white and paint in a few highlights on the hose and on the teeth (this is optional).

Pirate Skull Face
Finally, strap on your eye patch and you’re ready to go !:)

Hope this was effective and easy for most to follow..
If you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comments I'd be happy to help out !

Happy Painting !:)

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