Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup by Caroline Healy

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Love makes us do crazy things!

Dr Harleen Quinzel, a promising psychiatrist was assigned to the Joker at Arkham asylum in Gotham's home for the criminally insane. She became obsessed by the joker, becoming a super villain. Murdering anyone to keep the smile on her puddin's face!

Product list:

Mehron Metallic Powder Gold
Mehron Mixing Liquid
Superstar White
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Palette
    colors used: Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Dark Metallic Blue, Black Powder
Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Set - Stencil #2
Diamond FX Black
Black Eyeliner Pencil
Diamond FX 1100 M Gold
Diamond FX 170 Neon Blue
Diamond FX 128 Neon Magenta
Black Mascara
Bolt Brushes 3/4 Flat (for red body paint)
Bolt Brushes Medium Firm Angle (for white body painting)
Loew-Cornell Number 1 Round 795
Loew-Cornell Number 5 Round 795
Loew-Cornell Number 6 Flora 7430
Paint Pal Swirl Number 1
Short Angled 3/4 Flat Brush
Number 0 Brush
Eyeshadow Brush


Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup 1-2
Begin by sponging white paint to the face and neck.

Use a number 5 brush and Diamond FX gold to mark out the word 'puddin' on the neck. If you are painting yourself in a mirror make sure you check the letters are round the right way. If you write the words on paper, you can use this as a guide.


Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup 3-4
Outline the wording using red facepaint  and a number 5 brush and paint the rest of the choker.


Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup 5
Use a eyeshadow brush and UV blue and pink powders. Apply to eyelids fanning out to the corner of each brow and then also below each eye.

Use the Eliza Griffith metallic blue powder over the blue eyeshadow to boost the color.


Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup 6
Paint the red part of the T-shirt using a 3/4 brush, sponge below with white paint and then outline everything in black using a number 1 brush.


Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup 7-8
Darken the eyebrows and add eyeliner above and below the lashes using a black Kohl pencil and apply lots of mascara (or optional false lashes).

Using the black Kohl pencil mark out the wording on the T-shirt.


Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup 8
Use a 3/4 flat brush and Diamond FX neon pink and blue to paint the hair.

Paint over the writing on T-shirt using Diamond FX black and a number 1 round brush.

Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup 9-10-11
Using Diamond FX black again with the number 1 brush paint the heart below the eye by joining two teardrops. Shade the T-shirt and choker using a black powder.

Paint the lips red using the flora round number 6 brush and then outline in black using a number 1 brush.

Add white stitches to the T-shirt using the paintpal swirl number 1 brush.


Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup

Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup
Use a number 0 brush to paint the lines on the cheekbones, around eyes, brows, under jaw and paint lashes at the corner of each eye.

Use the graffiti eye stencil with a sponge to paint the dots of shading.

Finish by mixing Mehron gold powder with the liquid and paint over the wording on the choker with a number 5 brush. This a much more realistic gold and shimmers in pictures better.


Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup

I hope you enjoyed reading this step by step guide. To see more of my work follow me on Instagram carolines_face_painting.

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