Pop Art Makeup Tutorial with Speech Bubble

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Pop Art Makeup Tutorial with Speech Bubble


Pop Art Comics have always had a dramatic flair to them, and it’s fun to transpose that into a real life character. Here is little Miss Pouty face,with a melodramatic speech bubble of pure pop art dialog. You can make it your own by filling in with your own personal reflections of past or present relationship heartaches.  Here’s how to get the look:


Ben Nye 12 Color Lumiere Grande Colour Palette
Mehron White StarBlend Cake

Diamond FX Red Face Paint
Diamond FX White Face Paint
TAG Light Blue Face Paint
Diamond FX Black Face Paint


Ben Nye Angle Contour/Rouge Brush RB-4 (included in Lumiere Palette)
Mehron Mark Reid Signature Round Brush #2
Mehron Mark Reid Signature Round Brush #6
Powder Puff


1. Starting with the star blend cake and the powder puff, evenly apply powder by dabbing lightly all around face.

2. Using the contour brush, sweep the shimmer pressed powder over the eye lids, using the Jade (dark green) for the outer eye, and the Chartreuse ( light green) for the inner.  Add cosmic blue around the lashes. Use brush to blend in.

Pop Art Makeup Tutorial with Speech Bubble 1 

3. Using the white face paint, and the #6 brush, start to add the dots. Start at the top, and make one row across that are evenly spaced apart.  Start the next row, but make sure the next dot is placed in alignment between the two top dots.  Do this for the next row, evenly spacing apart. Repeat and cover face.  You may want to practice on your hand, getting the right consistency with the paint, as well as how much pressure to use to make sure the dots are even before applying. It’s ok if they are not perfect.

Pop Art Makeup Tutorial with Speech Bubble 2

3.Next add red to the lips using the same brush.

4. Using the small round brush, first paint the outline of the tears under neath the eye with the light blue paint, Then fill in.

Pop Art Makeup Tutorial with Speech Bubble 3

4. Fill in using the black face paint and the small round brush. Trace out the eyebrows first, making sure they are even on both sides, then fill in. Paint a line in the middle of the nose, and across the cheeks. Outline the lips, chin and forehead. Add dramatic eye liner. For the last touch, add one white dot on the lips.

Pop Art Makeup Tutorial with Speech Bubble 4


To create the speech bubble, you’ll want to first think of what you want it to say! Then, use a pencil and piece of paper to draw out how you want to layout your text. This will make sure it fits nicely.  Then once you have your layout down, use the white face paint and the #6 brush. Paint a square type shape with rounded corners where you want the design to go.  Use the small round brush and black paint, to add the text.

Grab a hat, gloves, accessories and whatever drama gear you have, and you are ready to go.

Pop Art Makeup Tutorial with Speech Bubble

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