Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask

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Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask

With the resurgence of post-apocalyptic movies such as Mad Max:Fury Road, artists and cosplayers have been  creating similar looks . Whether its to frighten your neighbors when you run outside practicing howling and jumping off of your car or to attend your local Comic Con, you’ll love creating this look!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Mehron Black StarBlend Cake
  2. Mehron White StarBlend Cake
  3. Mehron Red StarBlend Cake
  4. Bad Ass Mini Stencil - Swirly Hearts (BAM1035)
  5. Bad Ass Mini Stencil - Mini Dots (BAM2035)
  6. Wolfe FX Black or Diamond FX Black
  7. Smoothie Blender
  8. #2 Round Brush
  9. Large Gem or Bling Cluster

Let’s get started:

Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask Step 1

Begin by covering the entire face lightly with your white Starblend using a Smoothie Blender.


Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask Step 2

Using the same smoothie blender, load it up with your Black Starblend. You don’t have to clean the smoothie blender between colors for this design. You will be making a mask shape with the black. Next, grab your BAM Dot stencil and begin stenciling in dots on the edge of the mask shape. Using your Red Starblend and the same smoothie blender, you will add some red around each eye.


Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask Step 3

Extend the color mixture on the sides and front of the nose and add some contouring to the cheeks. Take your BAM Swirly stencil and place it in the middle of the forehead. Using your same smoothie blender, begin to stencil in the pattern. You will not have to reload with any color for these steps, you will be using the leftover colors from before. The color should be close to a black/purple bruise like color.


Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask Step 4

Load your #4 Round Brush with Wolfe Black and paint in lines around each eye, similar to a cat eye. On the bottom line, you will use thin to think strokes which will create a spike like shape. The line in the middle should extend longer than the others. Add dots on each the side of the nose.


Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask Step 5

Reload your #4 round brush with Wolfe Black and add an Aztec “v” shape to each side of the design.


Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask Step 6

Continuing with your Wolfe Black, add two more Aztec “v” shapes to each side of the forehead. Next, add a diamond shape to the center of the forehead, just above the bridge of the nose. This is where you will be putting your gem.


Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask Step 7

Reload your #4 brush with Wolfe Black and add thick to thin lines to the top of the design in an even pattern. These will match the spike like shapes you painted earlier in the tutorial. Pick out your favorite gem and add it to diamond shape just above the bridge of the nose.


Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask Step 8

Continue by adding and outline to the top and bottom of each eye. Then paint a thick line on the middle of the chin followed by dots on each side of the line. Add black to the lips to finish the design off.


Post Apocalyptic Warrior Mask

And there you have it! This design is great for any age or gender, you can change up the type of stone to give it a more masculine feel should you desire. I hope you enjoy recreating this design. Please be sure to share your pics with us.

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for

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