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With Halloween just a few weeks away you might want to check the makeup kit to see if you’re fully stocked for fright. There is nothing worse than planning to get all ghouled up only to find you’ve run out of supplies.

The basics:

Step 1.

If you are planning on doing monster a makeover for multiple victims you may want to have a selection of foundation colors for different looks. Traditional white is used for so many faces like zombies, vampires and creepy clowns but we also have a palette of flesh tones from which to choose for more natural looking designs. Eye shadows and colored pencils are a must when enhancing your design. Those eyeballs aren’t going to sink into their heads on their own you know. Add contour to the face with blush and rouge giving your creation that perfect shade of death.

Let there be blood:

Graftobain Thick Blood

Graftobain Thick Blood

We carry a variety of  blood effects from freshly stabbed to eeeww that has been dead for a while.  Vampires, werewolves, flesh eating zombies and all of their victims can always use a healthy dose of blood. Create amazing realistic effects by combining the thick blood at the center of the wound and thin blood to splatter or ooze from the source.



Take your design even further with some special effect wounds, bites, gashes and extrusions abound when you check out theses prosthetic pieces.  Create your personalized look with products like latex or rigid collodion or make as simple as one two three with 3 D transfer kits.

Adhesives and removers:

As fun as it can be to scare the life out of someone, we do have to return to normal sometime. Make sure to use proper adhesives when applying SFX items and equally important that you have the proper removers to safely dissolve the adhesives and other makeup.


Brushes, sponges and cosmetic wedges all help aid the makeup design portion of the fiendish fun. Look through this section to find the right gear for your kit.

Use wisely:

As with any cosmetics, please read all instructions and warning labels on the products to avoid any bad results.

Special news!


Currently we are running a 5% off on face paints; use coupon code scary 5 when ordering.


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