Quick Cat Mask Halloween Makeup

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Transform into a black and white cat this Halloween, with this quick onestroke cat mask. This quick cat mask is perfect for Halloween and will work great for both children and adults!

Cat Mask Face Paint

Step 1:

Begin by sponging white face paint down the center of the nose, around the eyes and also mark out the position of the ears.

Step 2:

Cat Mask Face Paint
Next load a 3/4 flat brushwith the Magpie one stroke, making sure the black is on the outside edge (as it creates an outline)
Connect from the eyes to nose with a wiggly line and then fill in the center of cheek area.

Step 3:

Load a round number 5 brush with Deep magenta to create the cats nose. Then load a round number 2 brush with black face paint and paint a mouth below the nose.

Use black powder to shade down the sides of the nose and also under the eyes so it blends with the one stroke fur.

Step 4:

Cat Mask Face Paint Design
Finally use a number 1 round brush ( or a liner brush) to paint the whiskers, highlight nose and around the ears and eyes.

Materials Used:

Black and White Facepaint by Diamond FX. 
Magpie Onestroke By Tag
Deep Magenta by Global
Black Powder by Eliza Griffin, Colormepro
Teardrop Sponge
3/4 Short Angled Flat Brush by Pink Tips ( TFPS) 
Round Number 1, 2 and 5 Brushes by Loew-Cornell

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