Rag Doll Patch Makeup

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Rag Doll Makeup by Stacey Perry

I have chosen this really cool rag doll design to share with you this week. It is an easy design to learn and it always has a great WOW factor that comes along with it. So here’s what you’ll need to achieve this look:

  1. Global Face Paint – Teal
  2. Global Face Paint – Purple
  3. Global Face Paint – Lime Green
  4. Global Face Paint – Magenta
  5. Global Face Paint – Standard White
  6. Global Face Paint – Deep Merlot
  7. Global Face Paint – Yellow
  8. Global Face Paint – Standard Soft Black
  9. Bad Ass Mini Stencils – BAM2035 – Mini Dots
  10. Bad Ass Mini Stencils – BAM3011 – Curvy Curls
  11. Bad Ass Mini Stencils – BAM3005 – Nebula
  12. Mehron 8 Color EYE Pressed Powder
  13. Always Wicked Art Butterfly Makeup Sponges
  14. Mehron Mark Reid Signature Round Brush #2
  15. Ben Nye Medium Angle Brush
  16. Aqualon Filbert Brush #8

The application:

Rag Doll Makeup by Stacey Perry

For this design, you can use any pattern, colors, and stencils you’d like. For the first step, I loaded my Filbert brush with a color and painted the patch onto the face. I used the same brush for each patch. So, you will continue to choose different colors and paint your patches on the face as shown.
Rag Doll Makeup by Stacey PerryRag Doll Makeup by Stacey Perry

Grab your angle brush and load it with the black from your Mehron shadow palette and begin adding shading to the edges of each patch.
Rag Doll Makeup by Stacey Perry

This step gets those creative juices flowing by adding different colored patterns to each patch. I have listed most of the stencils I used above, but feel free to use whatever you think works for your design. BAM stencils are amazing! You’ll want to use your sponge and stencils, making sure your paint is a sticky consistency to achieve a crisp pattern.
Rag Doll Makeup by Stacey Perry

Once you have your patterns, you will load your #2 Round brush with Global Black and outline each patch. Be careful not to cover up all the shading you did on the previous step. If this does occur, just go back and add more shading to the patch.

Rag Doll Makeup by Stacey Perry

Next, you will continue with you #2 round brush loaded with black and begin adding your stitches. I alternated using cris-cross stitches and single stitches. You will want to use slightly more pressure at the beginning and end of the stroke to make the stitch appear to have a puncture hole.Rag Doll Makeup by Stacey Perry

Finally, load your #2 round brush with Global White and add highlights to each stitch.

Rag Doll Makeup by Stacey Perry

You know how much I love the wigs, so I added one of course. I just think it completes the design.

Be sure to share your designs with us on Facebook and let us know what tutorials you’d like to see us do in the future!

Until next time,

Live, Love, Paint!

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for FacePaint.com. You can follow her on Instagram @thestah


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