Realistic Tiger Halloween Makeup

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Bring out your inner tiger with this realistic tiger Halloween makeup, by following these easy steps!

Tiger Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 1:

Tiger Halloween Makeup

I began by loading the back of my sponge with the white and silver from my Princess Pixie rainbow cake. I then sponged the eye area and where I wanted the muzzle to be.

Step 2: 

Tiger Halloween Makeup

Next I flipped my sponge over and loaded the bottom end with Orange from my Tiger cake. I applied Orange to the central parts of my face. ( Nose, cheeks and center of my forehead). Once I was satisfied with the coverage, I then flipped my sponge to the clean top part and loaded it with Shimmer Yellow.
I applied the Yellow to the outer parts of my cheeks and forehead, blending with the Orange already applied.

Step 3: 

Tiger Halloween Makeup

I was now ready to paint the stripes and tiger features! For this, I used my number 5 teardrop brush (as it has a nice thin point) with Diamond FX Black. I like to begin on the forehead so I can centralize my design, then I move down my face using the same brush for everything painted black.

Step 4:

Tiger Halloween Makeup

Next I loaded my round number 6 brush with Orange from my Tiger cake and painted my eyelids. Once the paint was dry I loaded my finger dauber with Diamond FX Black. As finger dauber are small and round, they are perfect for eyes, especially when you are painting yourself!  I also used my finger dauber for shading down the tigers eyes, nose, jawline and lower lip. I then used my number 6 teardrop brush again to outline the Tigers eyes. The nose was painted metallic pink using a round number 6 brush.

Step 5:

Tiger Halloween Makeup

Finally I loaded my round number 1 brush with the white from my Princess Pixie rainbow cake and painted the fine details of the fur, whiskers, highlights to the eyes and nose and also below the eyes.

Products Used:

Tiger Rainbow Cake by Silly Farm 
Shimmer Yellow by Superstar 
Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX Metallic Pink 
Princess Pixie Rainbow Cake by Silly Farm 
#5 teardrop Brush by The Face Painting Shop
#6 Loew-Cornell Round Brush
#1 Loew-Cornell Round Brush
Finger Dauber
Half Circle Sponge

Tiger Halloween Makeup


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