Video: Reflecting Off Water by Zuri Fx

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Hey Everyone! This blog is about reflections. I chose to see myself in water. My own reflection looking back at me. The drawing of myself I must say is gorgeous, but also as I look into my reflection I see beauty. That’s the most important thing. You are beautiful. I’m beautiful. We are all beautiful. Love yourself always. Hope you enjoy my tutorial.

Products Used:

Face Paint Palette 

Makeup Pencil Brown 




Zuri Fx Johnson, Makeup and Fx Artist, Kids Face painter, Theater Makeup artist.  All levels of makeup she enjoys! Zuri has been a professional makeup artist for 11 years. She always wants to enhance your beauty but also turn you into something you couldn't even imagine. 

Thank you for watching and viewing. I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial. More to come

See more of her and ask any questions you like.


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