Ripped Skin Secret Goth Boy Body Paint by PTBarpun

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We're all forced to grow up at some point and have to conceal things we loved about our youth. Some of us are messy artists who need to appear put together at work, some dudes never truly grew out of their goth phase but tough it out in business. Here we see someone ripping off their business man skin and showing their true colors! 

1 - Use a makeup sponge to dab a layer of liquid latex onto cheeks, place a square of toilet paper over latex, dab more liquid latex over toilet paper.

2 - On a flat surface dab liquid latex in a square shape, layer toilet paper on top, then more latex. Once the top is dry remove from the flat surface and rip an edge, place this latex sheet below the mouth with the ripped edge on top. The latex on the cheeks will instantly stick to the latex sheet. Secure bottom of sheet with more latex.

3 - Carefully with powder on a small brush tear down the tops of the cheek latex, rip a little to make edges more jagged.

4 - Use black body paint on a large brush to make the beginning of the suit, cover arms and shoulders and bring black down into V shape at center. Then, use white body paint on a detail brush to map out shirt and tie.

5 - Use white paint to fill in all of the shirt except the collar.

6 - Add shading on shirt using grey body paint, go ahead and fill in the collar with white once the shadow is down. Use Beach Berry Red paint for the tie, and darker red for the wrinkles near the top of the tie, and pink to highlight the tie. Use grey to map out the rest of the suit.

7- Use white facepaint on face, black paint on a mascara spooly applicator to make eyebrows dark, and use black paint on 'skin flaps'

8 - Use black eyeshadow to cover eyelids and under eye, and black paint on a detail brush to add spikes/dots/details. Use silver paint for lip ring and nose piercing.

9 - Make crazy faces because this is awakening your inner goth right now

Products used:
Mehron Paints Black
Mehron Paradise White
Mehron Paradise Beach Berry
Mehron Paradise Red
Mehron Paradise Pink
Mehron Paradise Grey
Mehron Paradise Silver
Black Eyeshadow

Liquid Latex
Toilet paper
Makeup Sponges
Detail Brushes
Mascara Wand

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