Rockabilly Monster Makeup

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Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

It’s like pinup girl meets Frankenstein and one of my favorite styles of painting. So this week, I’ll share this fun Rockabilly style Makeup for you to practice at home. Let’s get started guys!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Mehron Teal Paradise Face Paint
  2. Wolfe White Face Paint
  3. Wolfe Black Face Paint
  4. Global Face Paint – Red
  5. Global – Neon Pink
  6. Ben Nye 12 Color MagiCake Face Paint Palette
  7. Amerikan Body Art Electric Pink Opaque Glitter
  8. Tinsley Glass Shards Medium 3D FX Transfer
  9. Tinsley Gouged Medium 3D FX Transfer
  10. Always Wicked Art Butterfly Makeup Sponges (6/pack)
  11. Aqualon Filbert Brush
  12. Majestic Round Brush #4
  13. Mehron Paradise Smoothie Blender Blush

The Application:

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

To start this design, You will apply your 3D transfers first. Follow the instructions on the packaging. I chose to place one on the cheek and another on the forehead. However, you can pick any place you like. Once your transfers are in place, load your sponge with your Paradise Teal and sponge all over the face, neck and shoulders. Avoid the inside areas of the wounds. I skipped the ears for this tutorial for two reasons. 1. I’m going to hide them with a wig and 2. I don’t like having to get all of the paint off and out of those guys.

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

From here, you will grab a smoothie blender and begin shading with the blues and greens from your Ben Nye palette.

Shade the edges, side of nose, cheekbones, jaw line, neck, etc…

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

Continue shading until you are satisfied with the contouring.

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

Load your #4 round brush with Global Pink and paint the insides of the wounds. Continue by painting in the eyebrows. Load the same brush with Global red and paint in the edges of the wounds to give them some depth. Be sure to add these powders to your eyes for eye shadow.

Next, clean off any paint you may have gotten on your lips.

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

Load your Filbert brush with Wolfe White and paint in your teeth.

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

Load your #4 round brush with Wolfe Black and outline the teeth. You’ll want to add some jagged and uneven lines around the edge of the mouth.

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

Load your Filbert Brush with Global Pink and paint in two more wounds on the shoulder and upper chest area. Add some lipstick to the no teeth side of the mouth. I prefer red for this particular look.

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

Load your #4 round brush with Wolfe Black and outline the wounds on the shoulder and upper chest area. You’ll want to use the same jagged lines as you did on the mouth.

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

Using purple and green from your Ben Nye palette, load your filbert brush and begin adding some additional shadowing on the teeth and mouth area.

Rockabilly Makeup Stacey Perry

Instead of going gory, I decided to go glitzy. I added glitter to the wounds instead of blood. I also added glitter to the eyebrows.

Throw on a wig and cover those ears if you decided against painting them too!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tutorial. Be sure to share your new look with us on Facebook. Let us know what tutorials you’d like to see us do in the future!

Until next time,

Live, Love, Paint!

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for You can follow her on Instagram @thestah


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