Female Crow Makeup Tutorial

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Female Crow Makeup

Need a great makeup but are limited on time? Let’s give a sinister look to a Crow makeup with just a few easy steps.


Graftobian Pro Beige, or light foundation

Graftobian ProPaint Black

Graftobian ProPaint Bronze

Black Glitter Powder

Ben Nye Cocoa Rose Rouge


Facepaint Sponge

Medium Round Brush

Fine Detail Brush

Powder Brush

*Always start with cleaning face free of oils, dirt and makeup.

Graftobian Pro Paint is naturally creamy so little water is needed to activate.

Step 1. Apply the beige to the entire face using your makeup sponge.

Step 2. Darken eye brows with Pro black and medium round brush.

 Step 3. Create outline of eye design with medium round brush and Pro black.

Step 4. With contour brush, fill in eye design with the black glitter powder.

Step 5. Apply cocoa rose rogue with powder brush.

Step 6. Use the medium round brush to color lips with clockwork bronze.

Step 7. Outline lips with Pro black and medium round brush.

Step 8. Color in the edges of lips with black and medium round brush.

Step 9. Paint the horizontal lines with medium round brush from the corners of the mouth outward, finish with vertical hash marks.

*Style hair as it suits the look of you design and you have a great makeup in just minutes.

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