Scary Alien Face Paint Design by Caroline Healy

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Give your friends and family a scare this Halloween! Follow these steps to create this creepy alien face paint design.
Scary Alien Face Paint Design


Step 1:

Begin by using a teardrop sponge loaded with pearl lime green to create the base coat, then use a round number 2 brush with Diamond FX black to plan out the basic design. 

Step 2:

Alien Face Paint Design
Next flip the teardrop sponge over and load with Diamond FX black and paint the areas which you don't want to be visible. Also use the sponge to create shading. 
Paint the teeth white and highlight nose and mouth, using a round number 5 brush. 

Step 3:

Add texture to the face with a BadAss mermaid scale stencil, using the same sponge as before with black facepaint. (ensure that your sponge isn't too wet when stencilling) 

Step 4:

Alien Face Paint Design
Finally paint a tounge using a round number 5 brush with red face paint and then add white highlights to the whole design using the same number 5 brush used previously to paint the teeth. 

Use black face paint with a teardrop brush by Paint Pal to fill in mouth area and outline. 

Materials Used:

Pearl Lime Green Face Paint by Global (for base colour)
Black & White Face Paint by Diamond FX
Red by Diamond FX
Teardrop Sponge
Round Number 5 Brush by Mark Reid 
Round Number 5 Brush by Loew-Cornell
Teardrop Brush by Paintpal
Mermaid Scale BadAss Stencils by Andrea O'Donnell

Stay tuned for more of my designs or follow me on Instagram @carolines_face_painting or Facebook @Carolinesfacepainting.

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