Scary Clown by Stacey Perry

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Scary Clown Makeup Final

Did you know that Fear of clowns, also known as Coulrophobia, is listed in the top 100 phobias? So if you are really wanting to make a scary impact on your friends or for your next haunt, our clown design will surely scare the heck out of them!

To being you will need:

  1. Always Wicked Sponge
  2. Stipple Sponge
  3. #4 Round Brush
  4. 1/4″ Flat Brush
  5. Paradise White
  6. Wolfe Black (sub Diamond FX Black)
  7. Paradise Red
  8. Paradise Black
  9. Paradise Violet
  10. Paradise Green
  11. Paradise Yellow
  12. Mehron Stage Blood
  13. Ben Nye 6 Color Death Wheel


Scary Clown Makeup 1

Load your Always Wicked Sponge with Paradise White and cover the entire face. You do not have to cover the eyes since we will be covering them up later in the design.



Scary Clown Makeup 2

Load your #4 brush with Wolfe Black and begin making a slight “S” shape to form the eyebrows.


Scary Clown Makeup 3

Load your 1/4″ Flat brush with Paradise Red followed by Paradise Black on one corner of the brush. Beginning in the corner of the eye, you will be painting a half egg shape that will extend to the eyebrow and down to the outside corner of the eye. You will then need to load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise Red and paint in the lips and nose.


Scary Clown Makeup 4

With your #4 brush still loaded with Paradise Red, extend the mouth  up on each side of the lips with jagged strokes. Add “drips” to the inside and outside corners of each eye.


Scary Clown Makeup 5

Continue loading Paradise Violet, Green and Yellow with your #4 brush and paint the drips in a “v” shape.


Scary Clown Makeup 6

Lightly load your #4 brush with Paradise Black and begin adding details such as forehead and eye creases. You can also add some black to the mouth area in a random pattern.


Scary Clown Makeup 7

Let’s get that face nice and dirty now by adding yellow and red from your Ben Nye 6 color Death wheel.  You can smear red on your lips to give it a really grungy look. Add Mehron Stage Blood to the mouth and corners of the eyes.


Scary Clown Makeup 8

Add some Mehron Stage blood to your stipple sponge and begin using scraping strokes on the face. Take your #4 round brush and dip the brush in water. You will be adding the water to each color under the eyes to make each color run. Now it will look like your clown is crying a rainbow. You can follow up with some veins using your #4 brush and the grey from your Death wheel.

You have know completed a very scary clown that will freak out a lot of people. Enjoy!

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for

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